Adding your DApp to Status

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We accept submissions to our DApp list via pull request.

Once you’ve tested your DApp thoroughly on Status and addressed any issues, make a pull request to status-react with the following:

  • Add a square icon for your DApp (180x180 png) with a colored (non-white) background to resources/images/contacts. The file name should match your DApp, e.g. my-dapp.png. Please do not include any text. Note that the icon will be round cropped.

  • Add information about your icon to src/status_im/react_native/resources.cljs. For example:

    :my-dapp (js/require "./resources/images/contacts/my-dapp.png")
  • Add your DApp to the appropriate category list in src/status_im/ui/screens/browser/default_dapps.cljs:
{:title (i18n/label :t/default-dapps-fun-games)
 :data [{:name        "CryptoKitties"
         :dapp-url    ""
         :photo-path  "contacts://cryptokitties"
         :description "Collect and breed adorable digital cats."}
  • Once submitted, please ping in #status-core-dapps to ensure that your PR is reviewed.

Link to your DApp

You can deep link to any DApp in Status using this format:

You can also use the Share link button from the options menu within the Status browser.

A note on curation

Due to official Store policies, we unfortunately face certain restrictions on which DApps we can accept. Gambling & pornography DApps are not accepted.

For more details on these restrictions, please read the Play Store and Apple Store guidelines.

Users always have the freedom to visit any DApp or website in our browser.

Need support?

If you have any questions, ping us in #status.