Status Docs

Whisper & QR Codes

Introducing the Status DApp API

Status presents an API you can use to enhance your DApp with ease.

The Status DApp API will expand over time. Let us look at some features you might want to use right away.

Detecting Status

Your DApp will need to know if it is running in Status so it can implement extended functionality conditionally.

if (window.ethereum.isStatus) {
  // we are running in Status


That means we can rely upon the Status DApp API.

Whisper Contact

You can get/inspect the Contact ID to use with Whisper, the secure, distributed instant message protocol.

 .then(data => {
   console.log('Contact code:', data)
 .catch(err => {
   console.log('Error:', err)

In this example, data is the user’s contact code.

ERC-925 (QR Codes)

ERC-925 ( allows a DApp to trigger a generic QR Code scanner with ease, and Status supports this natively.

 .then(data => {
   console.log('QR Scanned:', data)
 .catch(err => {
   console.log('Error:', err)

In this example, data is the information encoded in the QR Code presented to the users’ camera and the catch will handle the case that the user cancels the scan before it finds a QR Code.

DApps are not required to implement these features in order to appear in the DApp store but you may be able to improve your user experience by implementing them when your DApp detects Status.


Last update: 2023-12-09