Extension Reference - Events

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Events in Extensions

An event is defined by a name and an optional map of arguments.


Symbol Arguments
alert value :string
log value :string
json/parse value :string, on-result :event
json/stringify value :string, on-result :event
store/put key :string, value :string
store/append key :string, value :string
store/clear key :string,
store/put key :string, value :string
store/puts value :vector
chat.command/set-parameter value :any
chat.command/set-parameter-with-custom-params value :string, params :map
chat.command/set-custom-parameter key :keyword, value :any
chat.command/send-plaintext-message value :string
chat.command/send-message params :map
schedule/start interval :number, on-created :event, on-result :event
schedule/cancel value :number
http/get url :string, timeout? :string, on-success :event, on-failure? :event
http/post url :string, body :string, timeout? :string, on-success :event, on-failure? :event
ipfs/cat hash :string, on-success :event, on-failure? :event
ethereum/send-transaction to :string, gas? :string, gas-price? :string, value? :string, method? :string, params? :vector, nonce? :string, on-result? :event
ethereum/call to :string, method? :string, params? :vector, on-result? :event
ethereum/logs fromBlock? :string, toBlock? :string, address? :vector, topics? :vector, blockhash? :string, on-result :event
ethereum/resolve-ens name :string, on-result :event

Example usage:

[button {:on-click [store/put]}]