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Everyone is welcome to help educate others on how to build Status, use Status, get started in the community, or even share their own experiences with the project.

How to Get Started

  • Community Member Beginners Guide

    Check out this guide created by community members.

  • Glossary

    Refer to this open source doc for terms, definitions, resources and concepts. Feel free to add to it.

  • FAQ's

    Here is an ongoing list of frequently asked questions from everyone in the Status community.


  • Create Non-Technical Tutorials

    Help newcomers set up their account and navigate the Status app and community. Contact us to have your tutorial shared on the blog.

  • Create Technical Tutorials

    Help developers build Status, build DApps, create an extension or anything else you would like to share. Contact us.

  • Write a blog post

    Share a story on the Status blog Become a publisher on the Status Blog


Help us localise Status into your language. We use lokalise to translate everything from the application, the website, the documentation and more.

Educator Resources

  • Styleguide & Assets

    Find the latest Styleguide along with branded assets, templates, and fonts.

  • Discuss

    Join long form discussion about all things Status.

  • Blog

    Check out the latest Status news and updates.

  • Nightlies

    Install and test the latest nightly build for mobile and desktop.

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