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Status is poised to become a popular choice among Ethereum users who appreciate its privacy-first design and integration of wallet, private chat, DApp browser, and DApp curation via the built-in DApp Store. These tutorials will help DApp publishers ensure their DApps are fully compatible with Status.

Get help from other DApp developers and Status employees.


  • Mobile Dev Tools - New to development for mobile?

    Get set up with tools for testing and debugging. Experienced mobile web developers may safely skip these preliminary steps.

  • DApp Store Requirements – Must-do items for Existing DApps

    All DApps in the DApp Store must meat minimum usability and privacy requirements. Learn about mobile optimization requirements and how EIP-1102 improves the user experience while guarding user privacy.

  • Implement ERP-1102 – A more intuitive user experience

    This detailed walkthrough includes code examples with explanations to help you easily support EIP-1102 in any DApp front-end.

Last update: 2023-12-09