Add Hardware Security to Your Status Experience

Protect your assets and accounts with Keycard - the cold storage hardware wallet with a contactless, convenient experience. Android only.

Get a Keycard 29€

What is Keycard?

Keycard is a cold storage hardware wallet designed to keep your private keys entirely offline for greater security over your funds.

Built with NFC technology and a credit card-like design for a seamless, contactless experience. Built with an open API for integration with third party crypto wallets, DApps, and hardware.

Securing Status with Keycard

Greater Security for Your Assets and Transactions

With private keys stored offline on your Keycard, add hardware-enforced authorizations to your transactions. Even if your phone is stolen, your funds will be safe.

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Protect Access to Your Accounts

Add greater security and require Keycard + PIN entry as two-factor authentication to access your accounts with Status.

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