An Incubator
to Decentralization

We catalyze early-stage startups looking to reinvent the Web. By offering funding, office space, professional services, as well as technical mentorship to our incubatees, our mission is to find the most ambitious projects in the Web3 ecosystem, and to help them scale.


This Way Forward

We’ve walked the path already — and are happy to show you the way. Our plan is to incubate a handful of startups each quarter, across a wide cross section of areas — from Ethereum-based projects, to DApps, IoT plays, base-layer protocols, scaling solutions, and more. Our goal is to foster a thriving Web3 ecosystem to create a robust and engaging Status experience for all users.



Our funding decisions are made on a case-by-case basis,
structured around each individual project’s needs.

  • Seed Funding to help you get off the ground
  • Series A for the projects looking to take the next step
  • Introductions to potential investors upon completion of the program

Legal, Regulatory and Admin Support

Navigating the crypto legal system can be tricky, but we’ll connect you to some of the most experienced legal and financial advisors in the industry.

  • Incorporation of your legal entity and its legal documentation
  • Extensive compliance and regulatory review
  • Tax optimization and tax filing


Our strong team of blockchain specialists are
here to support you in any way needed.

  • Technical architecture review and support
  • Status Network Tokens (SNT) to use on the Status Open Bounty platform

Marketing and PR

We do all we can to ensure your product’s successful launch.
Turn to us for guidance around your brand development, high-level
marketing strategies, token launch plans, and more.

  • Brand design and positioning
  • Connections to top PR firms and outlets around the world
  • Go-to-market campaign development support


We’ll support you in building out the exact team you
need, based on the required technology and project

  • Access to a dedicated recruiter
  • Guidance around running a decentralized organization


We want to know more about you. Tell us about yourself
and your project in the questionnaire.

Apply now


We’ll be opening incubators in multiple cities around the globe - stay tuned for our exact locations. Note we welcome both local and decentralized teams, and there is no requirement to be located on-site in order to participate in the program.