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We’re building an open source messaging platform for the decentralized web.
Powered by Ethereum.

Welcome to Web 3.0.

With the new suite of protocols Ethereum has introduced, we have a clear path towards a more democratic internet where we can communicate securely without fear of institutional surveillance, where we can trade freely without borders, and anyone in the world with a smartphone can control their own wealth, without the dependency on intermediaries or centralized servers.

Status is an interface for the decentralized web.

We’re observing a whole new ecosystem of applications emerging that are completely decentralized and built on top of Ethereum’s protocols, and Status aims to provide an interface to access them. You can think of Status as a browser for the decentralized web, that uses messaging as a platform, akin to an open source, peer-to-peer version of WeChat.

The technology

Status is already in beta. We’re built using re-natal + re-frame + cljs + golang. Its communication protocol uses an Ethereum sub-protocol called SHH/Whisper (not to be confused with Signal) which is an identity-based encrypted messaging protocol with dark routing. You can learn more about it in this presentation.

In Ethereum (and Status), there is a concept called 'web3', files are stored using SWARM (a kademlia-like decentralised file storage solution) and 'server-side logic' is done using Smart Contracts and on the blockchain. This allows us to create trust-less, censorship resistant systems.

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As an open source project anyone is free to contribute to Status. Regardless of your experience or background all contributors are welcome to join our community and help us shape the direction of the project, and we're also actively growing our team of core contributors to those contributing to our codebase:

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