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Frequently Asked Questions When Joining Status

Do you have any offices? No - we’re an entirely remote organization. That means you’re free to work from wherever you like. We have regular meetings together, and find that our contributors tend to self-organise and get together in groups. If this is your first time working remotely we have a range of helpful tips and hints on how to make the transition to location freedom!

How do people at Status communicate? We use Discord bridged with Status as our messaging platform, and our Discuss platform for more long form communication. We have phone/video calls every day, and we stream lots of our bigger meetings live for anyone to watch.

Is Status a company, an organization or a non-profit? Whilst we do have a legal entitity we prefer to think of ourselves a networked group of individuals working towards a common aim. Eventually we have aspirations to be a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Will I be an employee? It depends on the work you do, and the primary location you’re based in. In some locations (Switzerland and Germany) we do have employees, whereas in most other circumstances we’ll set up a contract agreement with you for the services you provide.

Will I be paid in cryptocurrency? Our success depends on mainstream adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency so where possible, we’d like to pay our contributors in crypto. At the same time we recognise there are still legal and administrative challenges to be overcome, so we can pay in fiat also. Right now, all we ask is that everyone accepts at least part of their salary in crypto.

Still have a question? Reach us: OR in the #talent Channel on the Status app.

Last update: 2023-06-18