A Privacy-First Messenger

Send private 1:1, group, and public chats. Easily send payments to friends around the world. Built with peer-to-peer technology to remove surveilling third parties.


thx! meet me there at 8pm???

Message on your terms

Send 1:1 private chats, private group chats, and join or create public channels to connect with your community.

Simple, Borderless Payments

Seamlessly integrated with the crypto wallet, Status enables anyone, anywhere to send global payments directly in a chat

Send, Create, & Earn with Stickers

Send expressive stickers without the middle men. Even create your own packs and earn SNT in the decentralized sticker marketplace

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  • Private & Pseudonymous

    No phone number, email address, or bank account required when creating your free Status Account.

  • Censorship Resistant

    Removal of centralized choke points protects your messages from censoring third parties.

  • Free and Open Source

    Status is both free (libre) open source software reviewable by anyone as well as free (no cost) to install.