Status Разработчики

Welcome to the Status Developer Portal. Find everything you need to start contributing to Status, building your own DApps, or registering your dapp in, and working with any one of the projects in The Status Network.

Build with The Status Network

Secure, Contactless, Open Source Hardwallet
Integrate hardware security to your project with Keycard
All-in-one developer platform for building & deploying DApps
Develop and deploy decentralized applications with Embark
Researching and implementing light Ethereum 2.0 clients
Researching lighter Ethereum 2.0 clients with Nimbus
Secure peer-to-peer messaging stack
Private, secure, censorship resistant communication with Vac

Закрепленные репозитории

Бесплатная (свободная) мобильная ОС с открытым исходным кодом для Ethereum.
Модуль Status, который потребляет go-ethereum.
Specifications for Status clients.

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