Introducing Phase 0 of the Status Node Program

Applications are now closed but you can run your own free node.

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What is a Status Node?

Status nodes support decentralized, private communication and enable censorship resistance.
Messages in the Status app are relayed between nodes to reach their destination, using the Waku messaging protocol. These nodes form a distributed network, so there is no single point of vulnerability to governmental action, privacy violation, or censorship. The bigger the network, the more reliable (and decentralized) the Status Network becomes.

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Phase 0 is Just the Start

Phase 0

This phase is designed to improve and provide even more decentralization for the Status Network. Each participant will be rewarded with $100 in SNT upon completion of the program.

Application Required

Rewards for this phase will be managed individually, so the program will be limited to 100 people (but anyone is welcome to run a node, and we may have more rewards in the future).

Long Term Vision

Status nodes will eventually include crypto incentives to reward network participation. As part of this early phase, SNT rewards will be sent to participants.

Phase 0 Program Details

  • Step 1

    Apply by Thursday August 19, 2021 (The first 100 people to apply will be accepted).

  • Step 2

     Launch your status node.
     a) Join the Node Runner intro call; or
     b) watch the recorded tutorial on how to set up your node; and/or
     c) Join the #status-node-runners channel for support

  • Step 3

    Maintain your Status Node for 3 months

  • Step 4

    Upon completion of the program, Status will send you $100 SNT as a reward

Program Requirements


Setting up a Status Node is free.


A machine running Linux or MacOS.


Can utilize cloud providers such as AWS or Azure.