Pseudo-Anonymous Account Creation

  • No phone number
  • No email address
  • No bank account

Three-Word Default Usernames and Privacy

When creating an account, a randomization process selects three words – Adjective, adjective, animal. This becomes your default username in Status and results in true pseudo-anonymity.

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Secure Key Generation

During the account creation process, a chat and wallet keypair will be generated via a BIP43 derived path from a BIP39 mnemonic seed phrase. Only you have access to the private keys so keep them safe.

State of Us Usernames with ENS

ENS stands for Ethereum Name Service, and allows Ethereum addresses to be replaced by custom text-based names. Anyone can register a statusofus.eth username by staking 10 SNT from within the Profile Tab.

Its important to note, that when you register an ENS name with a given wallet address, that address is now associated with the username, reducing the privacy of that account.