Status Docs

This tutorial will explain how to correctly pair your devices, allowing your status client to sync contacts, public chats & messages.

What is synced

Currently we sync:

  • your current ENS name
  • your open public chats
  • the messages you send in chats
  • your contacts

Some things we do not sync:

  • messages you sent before pairing
  • if removing a chat on device B, or clearing history, it won’t be removed on device A
  • push notifications will only be received on one device

How it works

First you need to pair and enable your devices (say A & B), this operation is symmetrical and needs to be done on both device.

A maximum of 3 devices can be paired.


Go to Profile->Sync settings->Devices.
You will be asked to set a name for your device.
Once you set a name, click on Advertise device on both devices.
You should see now the two devices in the device lists.
Enable the devices on both.

Syncing old data

Once you have enabled the device, new information will be kept in sync.
To sync old data (contacts and open public chats, account profile), click on Sync all devices on the device where you have the data, and it should then appear on the other device if synced correcly.


Data is not synced

Make sure devices are paired correctly and enabled. If the problem still persist you can try clicking on Advertise device again on both devices and disable and enable them again. In any case please open an issue at and upload your geth.log from both devices (after sending a message from both device A & B)

I see “No info” on one device

Click on Advertise device on the other device, and No info should be replaced with the actual device name



Last update: 2023-06-18